What’s waiting for you in the corn…

Last night was the best game yet and I am almost too excited to even write about it. Charles has taken to calling our little game, Terror in the Corn. He always did have a flair for the dramatic but I had to admit the name fit, especially in light of last night. The masks we had fashioned added to the game and oh how Daniel ran for his life, as we darted in and out of the corn, poking and prodding him as he blindly tried to escape. I delighted in his screams of terror, and how his pleas took on the sweet ring of sincerity as he begged to be set free. I can still see the look in his eyes when I removed my mask and he realized that the woman who had cooked his steak last night, the woman he had been so nice and polite too was now the instrument of his terror and demise, that these were going to be his last few minutes on this earth, I joyfully watched as the last few sparks of life left his eyes… Read More


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